Does the sound of thundering hooves always ignite something inside of you like nothing else can? Have you always marveled at the power and ability of horses and their riders, even though you ride yourself?  Is the smell of a horses coat like heaven to you? Me too!

This podcast is for horse lovers of every kind. I’ve always held a fascination with why it is that a horse would ever willingly allow a human on their back to ride them and become one with them. I’ve also watched horses get excited about training with some people and willingly walk to the mounting block and ask to go for a ride.  We explore this phenomenan and so much more.

We will hear from: 

  • gentle horse trainers
  • equine bodyworkers
  • holistic equine therapists
  • entrepreneurs of the horse industry
  • large horse event creators
  • equine assisted therapists
  • and so much more!

Come along for the ride and we can explore the world of horses together and continue our lifelong curiosity with these creatures and the humans who bring the best out in them.